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Field Activities Notification Form

If you are uncertain whether to use the Storage Tank Section Field Activities Notification Form for your site, contact your BER project manager.

Storage Tank Owners, AST & UST Compliance

  1. Storage Tank Owners
  2. AST Compliance Forms
  3. UST Compliance -  USTCO25 in KEIMS
  4. UST Compliance -  USTCO26

UST Contractors & Tightness Testers

  1. UST Licensing Information
  2. UST Contractor Forms

Find a Licensed Contractor & Tightness Tester

Kansas Licensed UST Contractors and Tightness Testers (PDF)

Want to Become Licensed?

If you wish to become a Licensed UST Contractor or Tightness Tester in Kansas call KDHE at 785-296-1661 for more information.