Radiation & Right-To-Know

The Radiation Control Program works to protect the well-being of Kansans and the environment from the harmful effects of man-made and natural radiation. Through competent and efficient utilization of our services and enforcement, we strive to minimize unnecessary radiation exposure. We advance our mission by dedicating these efforts to our valued and respected Kansans.


The Kansas Radiation Control Program was authorized by statute to protect public health and safety-related uses of radiation (K.S.A. 48-1601). The regulations for radiation protection were developed and implemented to meet federal requirements for use of radiation (K.A.R. 28-35-133 through K.A.R. 28-35-608).

The program focus areas in the radiation control program include:

  • Environmental staff collect samples around the nuclear power plant and  conduct radiological surveys in Kansas to monitor the environment for radiation and oversee clean-up of contamination.
  • Radiological emergency preparedness staff plan and train for and respond to incidents and emergencies involving radiation
  • Radon professionals work with radon contractors and the public to reduce the indoor levels of the radioactive and cancer-causing gas
  • Radioactive materials staff issue licenses for the possession of radioactive materials and perform inspections to ensure the safe and beneficial use of radioactive materials.
  • Right-to-Know staff compile and track information about hazardous chemicals used and released in the state
  • X-ray staff register all X-ray devices and perform inspections to ensure its safe use.