Private Water Well Testing

What's in your Water?

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Are you a property owner with a private water well?

Did you know, KDHE does not regulate or test private water wells?

Property owners are responsible for the testing and maintenance of their private water wells.

KDHE recommends these wells should be tested every 1-3 years.

This website is a collection of resources to help property owners with their well testing needs. KDHE advises that all well owners call us at 785-296-5500 for more information.

FAQ’s on Basic Well Maintenance

Q: I want to sample my water. Where do I send samples?

A: There are multiple options to get your water sampled.
     1. There are private labs that accept private water well samples.
     2. County health departments may also assist with the sample process.

Q: How do I take a sample?

A: The certified lab you choose will send you instructions on how to sample your water. Alternatively visit or or for more information, or see the video below.

Q: How do I know if my water is at risk for contamination?

A: Use the Kansas Environmental Interest Finder (KEIF) to see what environmental hazards may exist near your well.

Q: OK, KEIF shows there is a facility near my well. What is my risk for contamination?

A: Please call us at 785-296-5500 for assistance.

Q: I got my test results back, How do I know if my water is safe for drinking?

A: Click here for a guide on how to interpret your water sample results. Click Here for more information on the different contaminants that may be present.

Click here to find a lab near you